Fiberglass doors appeal to many homeowners because they are beautiful, strong, and offer lots of options for customization. But just like any other door type, they require regular care and maintenance to enhance their beauty and longevity. If you don’t take care of them in the right manner, you may never enjoy their full potential as a versatile door type in the modern era.

Here are some simple maintenance tips to help you get it right, when it comes to caring and maintaining your fiber doors:

Staining and refinishing

This is one of the simplest maintenance tips you can use to make any fiberglass door look great and last longer. The process of staining and refinishing these doors, is not any different from a wooden door, only that you will have to check on the stain and primers, because each type of fiber will require specific stains and primers.

Regular cleaning

Most fiberglass doors are used as entry doors, and at such positions, they come into contact with a lot of human traffic, and various elements relating to the weather and the environment, such as rain, sunshine and strong winds, amongst other debris. Regular cleaning of both the front and the façade, will rid the doors of this dirt, and will cause them to look pristine at all times. The cleaning requirement is no more than mild soap mixed in clean water.

Door Guard Installation

For a small amount of money, you can install rubber or metal door guards, at the doorknobs, at the top and at the bottom of the fiberglass door. Installing them is easy, and they will offer good protection to the door against scuffs, scratches, dings, and other general wear arising from daily usage of the door. They may also add to the insulation capacity of the doors, thus helping you save a few coins in energy bills.