Other than making your home look beautiful, exterior sliding doors should also be secure enough to deny access to unwanted or uninvited guests. However, the doors are normally weak when they come from the hardware store, and you will be required to do a little bit of reinforcement to make them stronger.

Here are some of the approaches you can use to make the doors more secure:

Reinforce the latches

New exterior sliding doors normally ship with very weak latches which may not have the structural integrity to stop experienced home breakers. To correct this flaw, add an extra lock for enhanced security. You can invest in a heavy duty lock made of hardened steel and install both at the top and the bottom of the door.

Install a slide locking bar

The side locking bar may sound complicated but it’s not. It is for adding extra security, especially at night when you have locked the door and everyone is headed to bed. It can be a metal bar or a thick wood dowel cut to fit the bottom the sliding door track. With it, it will stop the door from opening, even if the locks are breached. The intruder will have to break the glass to access inside the house, at which point you shall have woken up.

Wire in the home alarm system

If you have a home alarm system installed in the house, then it will be a good idea to connect it to the exterior sliding door. This can be done without much effort at the time of installation and it should be set that if the door is opened after arming the alarm, then the warning sound will go off. It is also recommended that you install a glass break sensor on the door or the nearby walls just in case a burglar decides to smash the glass.