The front entry doors are among the focal points visitors come into contact with when they come to your home. They will speak volume about the exterior décor of your home and they will also be very vital to the security of the home. As such, you should be very vigilant when shopping for one.

Below is a brief look at the principal types of front entry doors that you will likely consider when for your home:

Steel front entry doors

Steel doors are the most secure front entry doors you can every install in your home. They are also low maintenance and this means that once you install them, you won’t worry about regular maintenance for them. They are available in a variety of colors and designs and you will also be glad to learn that despite their strength, they are very much affordable. You may, however, have to compromise on aesthetics if you decide to go with the steel doors.

Aluminum front entry doors

This is the other type of front entry door you have as your option. Aluminum doors normally have a frame with glass inside and they are relatively strong and with better aesthetics compared to steel doors. If you prefer, you can always have aluminum doors with hollow cores and the back covered with veneer. As such, you can have the doors customized to meet your different tastes and preferences as well as colors and designs.

PVC Doors

PVC front entry doors are very classic and will fit most of the home designs. Since they come with great insulation, they are environmentally friendly and if you care about your energy bills, you can always rely on them. With them however, you have to be prepared that they can rot, warp or fade and they will also require regular cleaning to maintain their looks.