As winter approaches, homeowners are always busy preparing their homes to make it comfortable, despite the intense cold that will be keeping you cool you outside. One of the measures, is to enhance the energy efficiency of the home, so as not to spend a lot on your heating bills. Since the windows are responsible for the bulk of heat loss during winter, it is vital to get them ready before the cold season begins, and here are some of the measures you can take to adequately make the windows ready for winter:

Using window insulation films

This is a plastic wrap material fitted over the interior of the window frame, using double sided tape. The purpose of the film is to block out air leaks; in addition to reducing the drafts from inside the house, which can then carry away heat, and increase your monthly heating bill.

Rubber weather seals

This is another inexpensive way to enhance your window insulation during winter. The seals can be installed in minutes, and they are available in local hardware. All you have to do, is cut the strips to fit the window, then peel and stick them to seal any gaps on the window. Though it is an effective method, it can make the windows look less attractive, and they may also leave some residue when being removed.

Heavy curtains

Heavy curtains will not stop cold air from accessing the room, but they will prevent warm air from escaping the rooms. This will eliminate any drafts – the process through which a lot of heat can be lost in the house.


Most homeowners know how effective caulking is, when it comes to enhancing window insulation during winter, but it is sad to note that the majority of people do not take advantage of it. It is simple, affordable, fast and efficient, and if you get the right tools, you can always make your window caulking look very professional, in addition to lowering your energy bills. However, if you prefer to have it handled professionally, we are here to help!