At first glance, casement windows will appear beautiful and romantic and you may have the urge to install them. There are certain issues with these windows, which you should know about before you make the decision to make a purchase, and some of them are as listed here:

More mechanical parts increase the potential for breaking

Most casement window designs feature a crank, which you must turn in order to open the window. This is unlike sliders and double hung windows, which come with slightly easier mechanisms to operate. With more mechanical parts, the potential for malfunctioning and breaking increases.

Conflict between side by side casement windows

Regarding two casement windows installed beside one another, they will most certainly conflict if they swing on the reverse. In other words, you will have one window on the left opening towards the right, and another window on the right opening towards the left. This configuration is really poor and may also affect the aesthetics of the windows, when opened.

Conventional A/C units can’t be installed

If your home uses conventional AC units, they will not fit well with casement windows. The window units are known to fit best in double-hung windows, since the window unit will be conveniently sealed off with the sliding sash. But this is never the case with casement windows since the sashes do not open wide enough to allow for the installation of the window units.

Casements are exposed to the elements

The casements open outwards and this leaves them exposed to all manner of elements such as snow, sun, rain, flying debris, strong winds etc. All of these elements will collectively hamper the longevity of the windows, and may result in you shopping for window replacements after just a short while.