Energy efficiency is one concern every homeowner has, and almost everyone is trying to make their homes as energy efficient as they possibly can. One way of increasing the insulation of the house to improve energy efficiency is to install double pane windows, and here is why you must consider them in case you have any window replacement plans in the near future.

Low energy bills

The number one reason to install double pane windows is to enhance the energy efficiency of the house, which will then translate into low energy bills at the end of the month. With these types of windows and your thermostat settings, you can reduce your bills by up to 30% every month.

More comfort at home

Double pane windows are designed such that a thin film of air is trapped between the two panes. Air is a poor conductor of heat and this simply implies that there will be minimal transfer of heat across the panes, and no matter the season, the interior of the house will always be relatively comfortable compared to when single pane windows are installed.

Noise reduction

In addition to restricting the flow of air through panes, the air trapped between the glasses also acts as a good noise barrier. The air slows down the passage of noise through the panes, thus making the home more peaceful and quiet, especially if you live in a noisy place such as areas close to major streets or infrastructure installations.

Less condensation

Unlike single pane windows, double pane windows don’t suffer much from problems relating to condensation, which if not checked in good time, may damage the sills and soak the walls. The windows are warmer and it is not easy for water to become condensed on the surfaces, unless it is very cold.