Casement and double-hung windows are the two most common window types in the market today, and it is vital to know the difference, including benefits, and drawbacks of each when you are considering using either of them for your window replacement project.

Casement windows – modern and stylish

Casement windows are the modern and stylish trend today, and they will compliment just any type of modern home. The outstanding difference between them and the other types of windows is the addition of a crank, which can be operated easily with just one hand.

Here are some of the other major features of this window type:

  • They are perfect installations for greater heights since you can easily operate them with one hand.
  • They are energy efficient, (the second best window type in terms of energy efficiency). They have the tightest seals possible in the window industry.
  • They are easy to clean and will provide great views of the outside as they don’t come with lots of sash.
  • They allow for free flow of natural air from the outside to the inside rooms.

Double-hung windows

If you are after traditional aesthetics, then you have every reason to consider using double-hung windows in your home. These windows have been designed to move up and down their frames. Here are the most important features of this window type:

  • They are all purpose windows and will work just fine with all room types.
  • They are ideal for historic themed homes
  • They can accommodate the installation of air conditioning units above the window
  • They are not demanding in terms of care and maintenance, and will also last relatively longer compared to other window types.
  • Newer models can tilt inwards to allow for an easy cleaning process.

If your desire is modern style and maximum energy efficiency, then you will be better off with casement windows. But if you want low maintenance, traditional type windows, then double-hung windows will be your best fit.