Casement windows have found a home in the hearts of many homeowners, and they have become a essential to most people looking forward to carrying out window replacement projects. Their versatility in design makes them suitable for a number of applications, and this has allowed homeowners to offer magnificent aesthetics to both the interiors and exteriors of their respective properties.

Plenty of fresh air into the rooms

The design of casement windows is such that they open wide to allow plenty of fresh air to flow into the rooms. They also open easily, and if installed in the upper floors, they will give magnificent views of the outside, since each window is just one pane of glass. Also, since the windows open at an angle, they create and funnel nice breeze into the home that you would normally miss with the other window types.

Safe windows

The safety of the casement windows is another feature, which causes them to be loved by many homeowners, especially those afraid that intruders could gain access to their homes via the windows. These windows are generally very difficult to break into, and their locking mechanism is designed such that the hook embeds within the frame, making them completely untouchable from the outside. This makes them far superior to their double-hung counterparts.

Energy Efficient

Since energy efficiency is a greater concern for every homeowner, casement windows would not be very admirable if they were not energy efficient. You will be glad to know that they are the second most energy efficient windows after fixed-pane windows, and this implies that installing them comes with considerable savings on your energy bills.

Easy to operate

Finally, operating casement windows is a breeze. With these windows, the hand cranks are located at the base of the windows, and you don’t have to worry about reaching up to close the window or pushing them to open up. This is why they are ideal for areas such as above furniture, countertops, sinks etc.