Sometimes it is necessary to reduce or restrict the amount of noise accessing your home, from outside. But if you find the cost of installing soundproof windows to be a bit expensive, there are a number of methods available to soundproof your windows and be in peach, inside each room, despite the outer noise. Here are some tips:

The use of acoustic sealants or caulk

One of the avenues used by sound to access the inside of the rooms, is through cracks and crevices in windows, walls and doors. One method of soundproofing your windows, therefore, would be to use acoustic sealants or caulk on such cracks and crevices.

Window Foam

Window foam is also known as a window plug, and it is the cheapest way to soundproof your windows. Acoustic foam is simply a mat that is attached to the window, designed to reduce noise. The foam works by dampening sound waves as they travel across the window, and they can be easily removed at will. They will, however, reduce the amount of light accessing the room via the windows.

Noise reducing curtains

Noise reducing curtains are another alternative to installing soundproof windows. These curtains have acoustic and insulation related properties, and they are available in different sizes to fit the various window sizes within each home.

Noise blocking window films

Noise blocking window films may also be ideal if you want to reduce the amount of noise coming into your home without the installation of soundproof windows. The film works by transforming  the glass, and reducing its ability to respond to sound vibrations. The film can be installed easily over the windows, but they will affect the aesthetics of the windows, which is not ideal when you are greatly concerned with the look of your home.