Without proper basement window security, intruders can get very good access points to your home simply because they are at the ground level, and can be easily manipulated. However, there are certain measures you can take to make your windows more secure and increase security in your basement. Here are some tips:

Let the basement window be visible from the outside

A concealed basement window will be attractive to intruders, since they can use the cover of the shrubs and trees to breach without getting noticed. To stop this from happening, ensure that your basement windows are clearly visible from the outside to act as a deterrent for anyone contemplating a break-in.

Install shatterproof glass

Weak glass is a walk in the park for burglars to shatter. Concerning basement windows, be sure to install tough, shatter resistant glass that won’t be easily smashed by thieves before they are noticed.

Install Security Bars

Installing security bars made of steel or iron is good enough to reinforce basement windows, and make them impenetrable for potential intruders. However, when installing such bars, they should be installed in a manner that will allow the windows to still be used as exit points by firefighters, should there be a fire in your home.

Make the entry points difficult to go through

Install a squeaking toy that emits an irritating noise every time the window is opened. This will startle intruders and will deter the less determined ones from breaking in. It would also be a good idea to have plants such as cacti in front of the window to give potential intruders a hard time in accessing the window.

Invest in good locks

Invest in a reliable set of locks and keys for the basement window. But be sure that you can open at least one of the windows without a key to ensure that there is an exit that can be used during emergencies.