Winter is coming, and as usual, there are certain preparations you have to make, so that you are not caught flatfooted. Being that your windows play a great role in the energy efficiency of your home at this time, there are certain things worth doing so that you don’t bear the brunt of the winds and the freezing temperature. They include the following:

Store away the screens

If you installed screens with your replacement windows, it is advisable to store them away so that they are not bothered by the weight of the heavy snow and ice, which may make them sag. Besides, you may not have a warranty for the screens, and when they get damaged during winter, you may have to replace them, and this will be costly compared to storing them till winter is over. One tip when storing the screens, is to label them at the time of removal, so that you know the respective windows they correspond to when reinstalling them.

Be careful with the locks

For wooden and vinyl windows, you want to pay extra attention to the locks when winter is approaching. Wood has a way of expanding due to cold temperatures, and this may tamper with the smooth operations of the locks. Check to ensure that all locks close smoothly, and tighten any loose screws or hinges before the winter sets in.

Consider decorating the windows

Decorating your windows is another fun way to prepare them for the winter. Most winters coincide with Christmas, and you could add more fun by setting the Christmas mood with appropriate window decorations. But while doing the window decorations, be sure not to screw the frames, as this may cause your warranty to be voided. Use tapes or removable hangers to stick decorations onto the windows.