Windows are that part of your house whose presence does not only deliver a vital function but add to the aesthetic appearance of your building as well. For your home, the ideal windows are those

Which go with the theme of your house

Are placed at the ideal location

Allow optimum cross over of the air as well.

Below are some window trends that are expected to be followed in 2019:

Full black windows:

Black is the color that never goes unnoticed and compliment any and every theme. Similarly, when it comes to home and decorations, black windows never go out of fashion. Their versatility makes them suitable for every situation and every home interior. The real class of black windows shines out when they are constructed tall and metallic. Although the color black goes with every style and wall color, these black windows stand out as statement when the walls are in monochrome colors.

Old school wooden square windows:

With time moving ahead, there is always a high probability of old trends making a come back. In 2019, the old school small, rustic wooden windows are expected to make a comeback. These rustic windows add an old school charm to your building, especially when the walls are painted in funky and bold colors.

These windows are up for a lot of customization. The look of these windows changes with the type of wood, the side of windows and the color of the walls.

Horizontal sliding windows:

These kinds of windows are relatively new and they are all set to gain popularity in 2019. Horizontal shaped windows acquire more space to your home interiors. The sliding part means better air flow in the whole house.

Tall pass through windows:

Tall pass through windows define class and luxury. They look best in houses that are posh and luxuriously built. Tall Pass through windows look great in rooms that open to balconies. When these tall pass through windows are lined with delicate fabric curtains like silk or net, the home interiors look neat and crisp.

Energy efficient windows:

With each passing year, the need for conservation of environment is increasing and the attitude of people towards this pressing issue is also getting better eventually. People are shifting towards investing in energy efficient windows. These windows are lined with insulating material that means that the heat is retained inside the house and unnecessary loss or wastage is cut down upon. Your existing windows can also be turned into energy efficient ones.