What to consider while choosing the best design for doors and windows of your home

What to consider while choosing the best design for doors and windows of your home Are you thinking about renovating your current windows and doors? Or are you preparing a design for your new home? If that’s the case, then it is important to consider the best designs for doors and window. This is because […]

Sliders or Casement Windows and Doors – What’s Best?

Sliders or Casement Windows and Doors – What’s Best? When fixing windows and doors for a house, too many styles come to mind, each bearing its own advantages and disadvantages. You also have to look out for durability, in some cases beauty, functionality, brands, but most importantly, you look out for windows and doors that […]

17 Window Condensation Solutions

In this post you will learn … Learn about the different types of window condensation. Learn about tips to help avoid window condensation. Solutions for fixing window condensation. Window condensation can be downright irritating, and in some cases, it can even damage your home, especially if you have older windows. It can rot wood molding […]

fenêtre upvc

uPVC windows

At Unisson, our windows are produced using a selective 100% uPVC and lead-free powder compound, this special mix offers the framework a much better protection against discoloration and impact. The windows are therefore easy to maintain and will not crack, blister or warp. uPVC windows are made out of the most durable materials available on […]

Awning window

  Awning windows are hinged at the top, making a dramatic visual statement and offering your home both comfort and a modern look. Place them above or below other windows to add more light to a room, or to ensure its ventilation is optimal. Other times, awning windows can simply be used to add an […]

Casement Windows

    At Unisson, the Casement windows are the ideal expansion to any room whether its in your home or office, or any space that offers a beautiful view in need of window to enjoy it. Lasting all year round, Casement windows offer excellent airflow of fresh air when opened to its full 90° potential […]

Double Slider

Our Double Slider Windows are great source of light and refreshing air for any room, whether it’s for the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. And with Unisson you are sure to get the best Double Slider windows on the market, designed especially for maximum air circulation and beauty. Our Double Sliders come with an innovative window […]

Double Hung

  Unisson’s Double Hung windows are some of the best on the market, made especially to have two movable sashes (panels) in order to get the maximum air circulation possible. With our beautiful and modern window designs, you are sure to get the aesthetics you desire. Each window comes with an efficient sash system used […]

Single Slider

  The most popular window style on the market today is the Single Slider window, this is probably due to the affordability, energy efficiency and elegance it brings to every room. Single Slider windows have two clear panels, one which opens and closes for air circulation and a second still panel used for maximum light […]

Single Hung

At UGM, our Single Hung windows are designed with a spin in functionality, giving the users the option to open the window in two completely different styles, as shown above. Disregarding functionality, our windows are elegant and modern, complimenting any room you choose to put them in. Our design gives the best thermal and heat […]

Specialty Shapes

Windows with specialty shapes


100% UPVC

  • Fully fusion welded 100% UPVC window frame and window sash.
  • Multi-chambered, heavy wall extrusion design to increase strength and insulation value.
  • 1 1/4″ optional Double Pane Glass improves energy efficiency
  • 1 3/8″ optional Triple Pane Glass improves energy efficiency and reduces noise.
  • Double strength, hardened, 7/8” insulating glass, with 75/68 Guardian Glass and Super Spacer® warm edge spacer.
  • Double Neoprene bulb seal provides an air tight window seal.
  • Nylon bristle weather stripping on window sash.
  • Heavy duty multipoint Roto & Truth HardwareTM.
  • Full internal window screen, spring loaded for ease of operation. Available in grey or black.
  • All available exterior and interior colors for UPVC windows.
  • Optional Greenstar+ Windows, with insulated foam filled vinyl frames.
  • Energy Star® qualified with our Low E + Argon Gas for enhanced glass thermal performance and UV protection.

Exterior colors:

Exterior colors

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