Sliders or Casement Windows and Doors – What’s Best?

Sliders or Casement Windows and Doors – What’s Best?

When fixing windows and doors for a house, too many styles come to mind, each bearing its own advantages and disadvantages. You also have to look out for durability, in some cases beauty, functionality, brands, but most importantly, you look out for windows and doors that are energy efficient.

Two modern styles that are known for being energy efficient and effectively functional are the sliding windows and doors, and the casement windows and doors. However picking one out of both styles can be quite conflicting too, and it helps to know a bit about the both of them distinctively, to aid in better decision making.

Casement Windows and Doors: This is a type of crank window that is usually attached to the frame by side with a few hinges. This type of windows and doors open to the outside when you turn the crank, so basically it is crank controlled. It helps as the crank can be locked-in during windy days. They have either a single sash, for one way opening or a dual sash for both way swing. Casement windows and doors work better in small spaces.

Pros of Casement Windows and Doors

  • They are usually very energy efficient as it seals in compression because of the closing style, and constantly regulates the temperature of the room.
  • It also allows for proper ventilation as the windows open all the way out when opened.
  • It’s pretty easy to clean too because you can swing it both ways and clean both inside and outside.
  • Due to the way it is constructed, it is usually very durable, and might not need replacements at allfor a very long time.
  • It is soundproofed when locked, shielding you from noise coming from outside.
  • They come in different colors and designs you can always pick from, and an added advantage is that you can always customize a casement window into whatever design or color you have in your mind.
  • The locks are attached to the frame from the inside, making a break-in very difficult, thereby serving a better security purpose.
  • On a much lighter note, it looks pretty attractive when looked at from the outside, while it’s opened.

Cons of Casement Windows and Doors

There is not a lot of disadvantages when using casement windows and doors, just that it opens outside and can be a bit of a safety situation when it’s left open outside. As someone might just run into it.

However, the crank needs to be properly maintained.

Sliding Windows and Doors:Unlike the casement windows and doors, sliding windows and doors do not crank open, but as the name implies, it slides. It consists of two or more panel sections that can be glided either way horizontally when being opened. Sliding windows and doors work better in large spaces.

Pros  of Sliding Windows and Doors

  • They are quite cheap
  • They are easy to use, because of their nature, glide left, glide right, glide to open, glide to close, and you’re good to go.
  • They help you control just the amount of air you want coming into your environment as you can leave just the amount of space you want opened, open.
  • They allow for a good amount of ventilation because both sides can be opened at the same time to allow just as much air as you want.
  • They are very energy efficient, keeping your room at a thermal level all day.
  • They allow natural light to filter into the room through the panes, leaving your room bright all day, and they don’t have to be opened for this to happen.
  • There are no safety risks associated with using a sliding window and door.
  • They are secure, because of the aluminum seals and gasket, thereby reducing the risk of a break in.
  • They do not have hinges, so they save space as they don’t need to be moved out of their static location when being opened, you just have to slide through, from left to right.
  • As a result of the way it is constructed, a sliding window or door can easily be removed for proper cleaning.
  • They can be very stylish, giving the room a touch of class.

Cons of Sliding Windows and Doors

  • Cost of maintaining sliding windows and doors is quite high.

Whichever way you intend to use the casement windows and doors or the sliding windows and doors depends on the kind of apartment they would be fixed in and your personal preference. Both styles of windows and doors are very much energy efficient, and have other advantages which have already been listed above. You can contact us at UnissonGroupeto make more enquiries from our professional staffs, as well as to help you select and install the best energy efficient windows and doors.

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