The Right Type of Paint to Use on Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are loved by many homeowners because they are resistant to both mold and rust. Additionally, they do not deteriorate, swell or crack when exposed to certain elements of weather, and the environment. In as much as they are praised for their beauty and longevity, they require quality painting to remain in an impeccable state. Painting fiberglass doors, however, is not as straightforward as painting wooden doors, and there is some planning required.

The paint used should be compatible with the type of fiber

To begin with, there are different types of fiberglass, and each requires different paint to get good results. For instance, epoxy-resin and polyester-based resin fiberglass doors will need epoxy-based paints, and polyester-based paints, respectively.

Epoxy resin is the most expensive, but is also the strongest. Most of them are available in an amber hue, and you might also find some with a slightly yellow tint. Clear epoxy is also available for those who are not interested in any coloration. Polyester resins are low cost, more brittle, and less water proof. These features should help you make the right choice regarding which type of paint to get for your fiberglass doors.


Before painting fiberglass doors, priming is necessary, and just like with the paints, you will have to get the right primers that are compatible with the specific type of fiber on your door. Epoxy, latex and urethane primers are some of the most commonly used options concerning painting fiberglass doors. Before settling on any primer, however, be sure to check on the primer’s label to know the recommended topcoat paints, as well. For instance, you should never use etching primers simply because the etching chemistry is not compatible with most fiber glasses.

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