Oct 27, 2017

Novatec Doors: The Best Maintenance Tips

Novatec doors are in a class of their own. The design, functionality and elegance they add to homes is second to none, making them one of the most preferred front entry doors by many home owners, as well as aspiring homeowners. But for you to get the most out of them, you should learn how […]

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Oct 24, 2017

Top Window Updates to Consider For Your Next Renovation

If you are looking forward to renovating your home, or to building a new one, then windows are one of the components you will have to consider in detail. Your desire is to have stylistic windows that will not just make your home look gorgeous, but also help you in lowering the energy bills. To […]

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Oct 21, 2017

When to Install Inswing and Outswing Entry Doors

Your exterior door is imperative to the beauty and security of your home. When choosing your doors, you will always have to make a decision regarding the type of swing to install, with the only options being inswing and outswing exterior doors. Here are the considerations you need to have in mind when making such […]

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Oct 18, 2017

Why You Should be Installing Double Pane Windows in Your Home

Energy efficiency is one concern every homeowner has, and almost everyone is trying to make their homes as energy efficient as they possibly can. One way of increasing the insulation of the house to improve energy efficiency is to install double pane windows, and here is why you must consider them in case you have […]

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Oct 1, 2017

Types of Window Insulation Every Homeowner Should Know About

One method that homeowners use to reduce heating and cooling bills, is to install energy efficient windows and doors. In regards to window insulation, there are many types of insulation available, and it is imperative for every homeowner to know about them, so that you can know how to make the right choice, when installing […]

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Sep 28, 2017

Factors to Look for In Energy Efficient Windows

When you are out shopping for replacement windows, your desire is to have energy efficient windows, which will help you lower your heating and cooling bills. To find such a window, you should know the various parameters used to classify the energy efficiency of the windows, and to help you out, here are some of […]

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Sep 25, 2017

How to Prepare Your Windows for Winter

As winter approaches, homeowners are always busy preparing their homes to make it comfortable, despite the intense cold that will be keeping you cool you outside. One of the measures, is to enhance the energy efficiency of the home, so as not to spend a lot on your heating bills. Since the windows are responsible […]

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Sep 22, 2017

How to Interpret the Window Energy Efficiency Label

With much concern about energy efficiency, homeowners are keen on having the right windows that will help them lower their cooling and heating bills. Every time you buy a window or when you are conducting your research, you will always come across all those energy labels, and most people never know how to ready them, […]

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Sep 19, 2017

How to Choose the Best Window Replacement Company

Successful window replacement is only possible if you get the right window replacements, and the right experts to install them. In as much as there are lots of companies claiming to offer quality and affordable window replacement services, some of them are not worth the investment, and as the homeowner, you should take your time […]

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Sep 10, 2017

Top Tips for Choosing a Quality Sliding Patio Doors

Patio doors are renowned for their beauty and elegance. Installing one in your home will bring a breadth of fresh air and light to your living spaces and make you enjoy every second you spend there. But for you to enjoy these and many other benefits of the doors, it is imperative to know how […]

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